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Posted By Wrascal on 06/08/2007 11:13 AM
Other fine Dothan destination options, that I'd guess you're not aware of.... If at the Shell-CVS and 84 intersection you continue straight across, you will work your way somewhat parallel to the circle and find yourself on the south-west side of Dothan. In perhaps about 4? miles, this road crosses Hwy 52? (right turn going towards Slocomb and Geneva); anyways, turn left on this 52 road and you'll come to Lowe's and the dreaded circle, (Lowe's will be on your right side - maybe 3 or so miles) . After this left turn on 52, going towards Lowe's, about 3/4 mile on the right (it is the first right) is a little road. Take this right, go about one mile until it dead ends, and turn left. In several more miles, at the (second?) stop sign, you will be due south of Dothan. From here you can see 231 south, perhaps 1/4 mile away. At the stop sign, you have TWO choices: A left turn allows you to come out on 231, between the circle and Dobbs Restaurant. A right turn will take you further south; but requires yet another quick left turn (I don't remember any landmarks here- but you can see this road has a sharp right turn immediately after you get on it) which allows you to parallel 231, coming up behind the backside of the other Walmart - and eventually to the P'nut Festival fairgrounds. There are numerous side roads connecting 231 to this little road. I hope this helps others as well, and that I didn't forget something critical. If you get lost, think of it as an adventure in discovering Alabama.
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RE: Traffic on 231


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