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Last Post 03/15/2018 9:37 PM by  Wrascal
Parking police
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Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1742
03/13/2018 9:22 PM
    Today I suffered a Mac Attack and so off I went to Ozarks golden arches; I guess it was about 1330, shift change?

    Sitting along the window (so no one can sneak in and surprise me) I watched an employee depart (she got into a vehicle/ drove away). She was parked just two positions from dead center of the main entry-way. A few min. later a second employee departed - she got into the vehicle that was parked just one position from dead center.

    Now it is my belief that they both should have the courtesy to park in the very rear and save those spots for the old and/or crippled (or for VIPs such as myself - you know, those who indirectly pay them ). Note, they were young and mobile, I observed no limping.

    So my challenge (as Parking Lot Police) is to Oz. Mickey D's management: talk to your employees. Paying guests are only there for 30 min., these privileged gals likely were there for many hours.
    Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1742
    03/13/2018 9:25 PM
    A different rant about Micky D's - with todays meal I came to the conclusion that I no longer like your french fries - they're closer to cardboard than I like.
    Bring back the yummy cholesterol filled fries that I once ate/ loved.

    And no, I didn't want to upsize and get a free apple pie.
    Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1742
    03/14/2018 10:57 PM
    OK now this parking lot policeman has got his dander UP!

    Today at Wally World I spied an empty parking spot way up the row (quite near the entry door) - so I passed several available spots - but when I got there it really wasn't free - nope, some bonehead had parked an oversized pickup truck (nearly) centered OVER FOUR PARKING SPOTS.

    To this inconsiderate VIP owner: may the bird of paradise fly up your nose, may elephants caress you with their toes.
    Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1742
    03/15/2018 9:37 PM
    The Walmart parking lot was nice and orderly today so my parking lot police blotter has no entries.
    Good job shoppers - shopping Ozark first.
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