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Last Post 03/21/2018 10:09 PM by  Wrascal
 24 Replies
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Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1742
03/12/2018 9:25 AM
This devil personally demonstrates -
ignorance is bliss.

tee hee hee.
RamadiDevil Senior Member Senior Member Posts:887
03/12/2018 1:47 PM
I wasn't ignorant enough to get caught Soliciting Male And Female Prostitutes, which will eventually cost him his right to carry Concealed Weapon.
Tee hehehehehehehehehehehe!
Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1742
03/12/2018 8:45 PM
Talking of ignorance, what about a wannabe sheriff Publicly announcing (in writing) his biases - announcing he'll seek revenge?

Fortunately, Alabama is a shall issue state with the denied person the right to seek redress.

Our recent Love Gov. is an example where the County Sheriff denied him the right to carry concealed. Within weeks he had his permit; and then there is always Open Carry.

Not smart at all - and a BIG Shame upon you Vengeful Bully.
trojanhorse Advanced Member Advanced Member Posts:154
03/15/2018 7:20 PM
Wrasval. Just got back. What has happened to our devil? You think he’s really gone?
Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1742
03/15/2018 9:33 PM
I would be surprised if he (devil) wasn't monitoring this board; as for chiming in - I suspect he'll be quiet for awhile.
My belief is his conscience finally kicked in and he's a bit shamed by his behavior (as he should be).

It really is sad that his "always in your face attitude" overpowered his other attributes; of course you (apparently) knew him better than I.
You are not authorized to post a reply.
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