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Last Post 03/21/2018 10:09 PM by  Wrascal
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Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1742
03/11/2018 12:41 PM
Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Candidate Ron Watson is unfit for public office.
RamadiDevil Senior Member Senior Member Posts:887
03/11/2018 2:40 PM
Birds of a feather flock together!

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Wow, you came from a dysfunctional family and you created a dysfunctional family. Is Walter out of prison yet?
RamadiDevil Senior Member Senior Member Posts:887
03/11/2018 6:53 PM

Dale jury takes half hour to find Beavers guilty
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Dale jury takes half hour to find Beavers guilty
Dale jury takes half hour to find Beavers guilty
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Posted: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 5:45 pm

By Michelle Mann mmann@southeastsun.com | 0 comments

At the center of the trial were two pistols; a Sig Sauer P250 and a Ruger P95.

Both weapons had barrels less than 12 inches long and that was, apparently, key in the two day Dale County trial that ended May 3.

An eight-woman, five-man Dale County jury took less than 30 minutes Wednesday, May 3, to find a Dale County man guilty of possessing those pistols in violation of an Alabama law that prohibits possession of a pistol by anyone convicted of a violent crime.

Robert Earl Beavers remains free on $15,000 bond awaiting a June 8 sentencing by Dale County Circuit Judge Bill Filmore.

The trial began with the story of the purchase of the pistols from Mike’s Gun Shop in the Dale County town of Pinckard on April 18, 2011. Beavers brought Justin Bright with him to the gun shop to purchase the weapons because Beavers, as a convicted felon, was not legally able to do so.

Court testimony revealed that some two years later, those pistols were sold by Beavers, who was prohibited from being in possession of pistols in accordance with state law.

The case was prosecuted by the Alabama State Attorney General’s Office, represented by assistant attorneys general Kyle Beckman and Katie Langer. Beavers was represented in court by Geneva County Attorney David Harrison.

Alabama law prohibits possession of a pistol—defined as any gun with a barrel of less than 12 inches—by anyone convicted of a violent crime. In a pretrial agreement, both sides agreed to agree that Beavers was a four time convicted felon, without disclosing details of his 1984 arrest. The jury was told only that Beaver’s status as a convicted felon was not in dispute by either side and that the jury would not be asked to decide on that pre-determined status.

What they would be asked to decide was simply three things, Beckman and Langer told the court. That Beavers was a convicted felon was a given. Whether the weapons had barrels under 12 inches in length and whether Beavers was in possession of said weapons were the only other things that needed to be established in order for a conviction, Beckman and Langer said.

Using a ruler, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Investigator Capt. Joe Herman showed the court that the Sig Sauer’s barrel measured four inches and the Ruger’s just under four inches.

William Smith was the first state’s witness. He told the court that a mutual friend, Anthony Gumpenberger, had contacted him by phone to tell him that a Sig Sauer P250 was available for sale if he wanted to buy it. Smith said he did buy the pistol for $300 from Beavers.

Gumpenberger, formerly of Dale County and now living in Albany, Ga., told the court that he, Beavers and Christian Carroll were former friends and former coworkers when the gun sales occurred.

Gumpenberger said that he had looked at Beavers as a mentor but that he did feel “that I was done wrong” by Beavers in a business transaction. ”Absolutely not,” is what Gumpenberger told the court when asked whether his testimony against Beavers was revenge. He only discussed Beavers’ possession of the guns with the law enforcers, Gumpenberger said, “Because I felt like it was the right thing to do.”

Gumpenberger said that Carroll had also talked with law enforcement officers about Beavers’ pistol possession but that neither man’s testimony was in exchange for anything.

Gumpenberger described poker games that included several state and county law enforcement officers as participants. Gumpenberger said that during one such game, the Dale County Sheriff gave Beavers a rifle in exchange for a seat in the game.

“That is untrue,” testified Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson, who was called to the stand as a defense witness. “That never happened.”

“And now for the rest of the story,” Beavers’ attorney told the jury. His client was “simply a peon” in a much larger investigation, Harrison told the court. Beavers’ arrest was part of a plot on the part of the Dale County Commission Chairman Mark Blankenship, former Dale County Commissioner Wes Strickland, retired longtime Provost Marshall Ron Watson and Beavers’ former coworkers, Harrison said.

Beavers echoed the conspiracy theory on a recording made by law enforcers who interviewed Beavers prior to his arrest.

The majority of the recording, made by Herman and Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent Susan Hanson, was played for the jury. Because of the prior arrangement by both attorneys and the court not to discuss the nature of Beavers’ prior felonies, the recording was stopped and fast-forwarded when it came to any on-tape reference to those convictions.

On the recording Beavers called himself “just a small fish,” and asked the law officers who they were wanting him to “flip” on.

On the recording Beavers said the pistols were his wife’s but said that he had taken them to a firing range to test, in the presence of a Dale County Sherriff’s Department Firearms Instructor.

On the recording Beavers said he is “just a peon, a small fish,” and said he knows that the law officers are searching for bigger fish. “Who do you want me to flip on,” he asked Herman.

“The more you dig, the more you will find ethics violations but ifyou think its Wally Olson, you are wrong,” Beavers told the law enforcers on the recording. “By no means do I think I am smarter than you are but I do know I am just a peon in this and we need to move on to something else.”

Beavers said that the reports maligning him are part of an effort on the part of the “Four Horsemen” to try to remove the Dale County Sheriff from office. Questioned by Herman, Beavers identified the “Four Horsemen” as Blankenship, Strickland, Watson and Carroll, Beaver’s former employee. None of those men were called to testify during the trial.

On the recording, Beavers said, Carroll “is out to get me and Wally Olson” and detailed why. “Here’s my theory,” Beavers said. “You’re all trying to find something on me so I find something on someone else.”

“Bogus, bogus, bogus,” Harrison told the jury in closing arguments. “This entire case goes to bed with Anthony Gumpenberger and I submit to you that you wouldn’t let Anthony cut your grass without you being there.

“This entire case is going to bed with a liar, someone that had a grudge against Mr. Beavers,” Harrison said. “And if you trust anything about (Gumpenberger), then shame on you.”

The jury took less than half an hour to find Beavers guilty of possession of a pistol in violation of Alabama law that prohibits possession of a pistol by anyone convicted of a violent crime.
Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1742
03/11/2018 7:34 PM
Read the rants of candidate Ron Watson and ask yourself - would you prefer him as sheriff?

I wouldn't.
trojanhorse Advanced Member Advanced Member Posts:154
03/11/2018 8:50 PM
Absolutely a brilliant campaign strategy devil! You’re a shoe in for sure!! Bah ahaha!!!!
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