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Last Post 03/21/2018 10:10 PM by  Wrascal
Will it ever stop in Dale County?
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Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1742
07/23/2017 10:46 AM
Devil, while I hope you are wrong about Ozark people trying to white-wash this case my personal belief is you are dead wrong; excluding any/all guilty parties, which once again I don't believe applies to the good people (or LEO) of Oz. JMHO.

As far as your offer to meet, that again is just a 'sneaky" way of trying to ID us. I would say that if I thought I could make heads/tails out of it I'd be tempted - but once again - there are keener minds (such as yourself) that can't solve it so little ole me just won't stand a chance; therefore I must decline your offer.

In fairness to the original cops on scene, they had no reason to suspect anything. Cars often break down and are left alongside of the highway. After the fact quarter-backing isn't helpful.

I'm waiting to hear about that Monday DNA report, my guess is if he hasn't turned anything up in 18 years it won't tomorrow.
RamadiDevil Senior Member Senior Member Posts:887
07/23/2017 11:45 AM
Ozark Police have had some (still do) of the finest Law Enforcement Officers I have ever met, worked with. Its the bad apple the people always notice. Wrascal, if I wanted to know who you were, I have the means and resources to find out. You are just another mosquito bite in my life. But, should you want to meet, I will bring every piece of paper, recording I have. You view them, you carry the word to your Brothers and Sisters in Ozark. While the original cops on the scene didn't suspect anything, the Dothan Detective who saw all of the girls belongings inside of the car did. It all about Leadership, Training, Duty and honor. What is it you can not comprehend? There were no leaders on the scene when the car was found. Damn Man, can you understand the Dothan Police Chief responded and the Ozark Chief Didn't!!!! A Trained Dothan Detective responded and Ozark Trained Detectives didn't!!! Dothan Police did what cops do, they made a decision and it was the right decision. If the Murder had happened in Dothan we would not be discussing this. You have Cops in Ozark Police Dept who have been fired from other agencies, including Ozark and are rehired. Don't think DNA will happen tomorrow unless it 100% and not 99%, as the suspect is going to be retested sometime in the week. At least I am doing something and convinced others to relook! Hope you can make it on the 27th!
RamadiDevil Senior Member Senior Member Posts:887
07/23/2017 12:22 PM
OH BRING IT ON VIRUS, aka; TrojanArse, BRING IT ON! I don't give a damn if you are Lucifer Strange, Bentley, the US Attorney, or the Top Cop! As soon as I find out who you are, I am going to have a Team of Lawyers on your azzzzzz as fast as fiies on a fresh dump! I know every real criminal in Dale County, and that includes those with Badges, Law Degrees, Officers of the Court and Elected Officials. think the world of some, the rest are in it for whatever they can rake off from their jobs, political positions. Don't matter if you loose your fingers and can't type, get a sore throat and can't speak, I will eventually own most of what you have(if you have anything). But, I will make this promise, I will use whatever it is to do pro-bono work for just causes. I hope you keep doing your thing, but the one thing that gave you away was your accusations that I was lying about the previous cases and I was "Hindering those Investigations" with your Law Enforcement training, experience, you should have known that Hindering in those cases was a violation of Law! One of the Numb nuts who interviewed my "Lifer Source" in Prison used the same words! Want to read his letter? I will have it with me on the 27th for all to read....and he tells in the letter who said that! So Recent Retiree, don't start moving any money, a Subpoena to the Financial Institution will pickup the move. Hope you come on the 27th....Got a really big surprise, especially for you! Going to try and have telly Hook-up with Betty Wilson, doing life without Parole in Tutweiler Prison say something about your post on the Jack Wilson Murder. I was in the Madison County Court House, DA's Office on a couple ocassions while doing the Reconstruction, they never mentioned anything to me about Hindering anything. As a Matter of Fact, the Prosecurtor of Betty and her Sister Peggy Lowe, didn't prosecute me, he thanked me!


Did you read the last paragraph? I am bring the sworn statement of the man who was a eye witness to the Robbery and Murder!
It is witnessed by his wife and another individual. Going to show it to everybody, let them read it and make up their mind. Oh, I interviewed the Para Medics as well. Now this one is really going to cost you! I did everything on this case for $500.00, spent $8,000 so you get to pay the rest of that!

There is no First Amendment rights in a Blog for Defamation...



trojanhorse Advanced Member Advanced Member Posts:154
07/23/2017 4:11 PM
Devil, I'm not your foe. Merely an old friend. I wish you all the luck in solving any crime that you possibly can. If you do, I will meet you, shake your hand, acknowledge that I was wrong about you. Until then... please don't try to take my pet raccoon to try to replace the bobcat that wrascal took from you.
trojanhorse Advanced Member Advanced Member Posts:154
07/23/2017 4:37 PM
Viel Gluck mein freund
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