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Ozark Area Group for chat and discussion

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Area to discuss everything politics

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RE: THE DOTHAN EAGLE - Wrascal, go back and read the post again. My wife reads the paper. We were getting the Montgomery Advertiser also, but the Ca
RE: THE DOTHAN EAGLE - Q? If you don't read the Dothan Eagle then how can you be sure of what they do/ do not publish?
RE: DALE COUNTY, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU DON'T GET! - Damn it Catfish! You drove in to a store front in Ariton on your way to work? You had the same truck as before? no tags? And
RE: Will it ever stop in Dale County? - Nuttin wrong wit dat as long as the Ginger Ale in Vernor's !!!
RE: DALE COUNTY, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU DON'T GET! - A lot of murders in the Wiregrass. The king Family Murder in Midland City was especially disgusting. Two hoodlums Murder King
RE: Teachers, Principals, Superintendents, Dale County - Thank you. We don't spend enough time or money on our children's security. I had a little resistance at Fort Rucker in the be
RE: ELECTION FOR DALE COUNTY SHERIFF 2018! - BUJLL SHIT, PURE BULL SHIT! We have 14 young students, a History Teacher, Security Guard and a Coach dead! 39 written complai
RE: THE DOTHAN EAGLE - I don't read the Dothan Eagle, they pick and choose what they want to print. It's like the Convicted Rapist with the guns, t
RE: ELECTION FOR DALE COUNTY SHERIFF 2018! - While regretful we all can learn from our past mistakes. Sheriffs (LEO's too) are only human.
RE: Teachers, Principals, Superintendents, Dale County - Congrats, this is likely the most thoughtful post you've made on this site. I'm serious, this is a good thought, one I w

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