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Ozark Area Group for chat and discussion

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Area to discuss everything politics

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RE: Will it ever stop in Dale County? - W rascal you must be stuck on stupid. Did you read the court proceedings where Beavers a convicted felon had a Daleville cop
RE: Will it ever stop in Dale County? - Y'all spouting off a lot of allegations. Where's the proof? I for one support them!
RE: Will it ever stop in Dale County? - Nope, won't ever stop, never change.Cop scares prisoner with snake, walks free. Cop buys guns for criminal felon walks free a
RE: Will it ever stop in Dale County? - So sad that the law is corrupt in Dale County. I remember 2 Dale County High School Teachers were Sexting and sending naked p
RE: Will it ever stop in Dale County? - If they did that to my son, I wouldn't let Hell get in my way. I would find a Lawyer that had dollar marks in his eyes, but f
Will it ever stop in Dale County? - Left Ozark for Daleville. Soon to leave Daleville for Coffee County. Anything can be fixed in Dale County. Good Riddance to O
RE: Cards, Criminals, Cops and guns don't mix well - Mr Beavers Attorney has been arrested by Dothan Police for submitting false reports. I wonder if he will be at Mr Beavers sen
RE: July 31, put it on your calendar - BUMP. Come show some care/ respect.
RE: Distruction of Monuments - Not to stir the pot ... but of the numerous threats of legal actions did any of them ever happen? If so, how were they res
RE: Distruction of Monuments - I hear his two closest Bud's feel the same way about Southern Heritage, Mark and Wes

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