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Welcome to Wiregrass.com – The website created for locals and visitors to the Wiregrass Area including Dothan, Ozark, Enterprise, Fort Rucker, Troy, Montgomery, and surrounding cities. This site is continually growing and is user driven, so register, log in, and have fun.

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Ozark Area Group for chat and discussion

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Area to discuss everything politics

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It's time to - Important Brevard County Sheriffs video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CATKBjsuyp0&feature=youtu.be
Hey Jude - Happy bday Paul McCartney, 74.
RE: An untimely Oopsie, WOAB - I guess y'all aren't listening as I just heard the question once again.
1 to 30 - Just that quick Happy bday Mary Kate and Ashley, twins, Now 30 years old.
91 degrees - No, 91 years. G. Bush, US President.
Big Six oh - Joe Montana, 60.
RE: An untimely Oopsie, WOAB - Y'all just asked it again ... whatever happened to CC?
An untimely Oopsie, WOAB - As I can't find an answered contact phone number this is addressed openly, to my preferred radio station, 104.9 WOAB.
Regular TV - Years ago I cut the cable cord, my TV viewing is all streamed from the internet. But several days ago I tuned in a show th
Another girlfiends bday - Angelina Jolie. 41, really. Don't tell my bride.

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