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Welcome to Wiregrass.com – The website created for locals and visitors to the Wiregrass Area including Dothan, Ozark, Enterprise, Fort Rucker, Troy, Montgomery, and surrounding cities. This site is continually growing and is user driven, so register, log in, and have fun.

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RE: El Palacio is Horrible! - it is generally good practice to check any carry out order from any restaurant. If it had happened to me three times before,
RE: local law enforcement - Additional thought, dragging this young mans misfortune thru the mud won't embarrass him, only his family. I'm pretty sure h
RE: local law enforcement - There are many people with positions of authority, not just law enforcement. And you know what? There are examples of peopl
RE: local law enforcement - "police are also human"...police are given an extraordinary scope of power and authority over the general public. the general
RE: local law enforcement - Yes, that's what they're reporting. This just proves once again that police are also human, capable of making mistakes. He
local law enforcement - "The officer killed in a crash Friday morning had been involved in another crash a few minutes earlier and fled the scene.
Ozark/Dale County Online Scanner - www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/14437/web Listen live . Scanner has been updated to reflect some Freq. changes .
RE: THE MILITARIZATION OF DALE COUNTY! - This again.... Same old tired argument. Cant we find something new to fight about? .
RE: THE MILITARIZATION OF DALE COUNTY! - If you don't like the Police, next time you need help call the Bandidos
RE: THE MILITARIZATION OF DALE COUNTY! - "ewmadman" you are about as screwed up with your spelling as you are with what is going on inside Dale County! I really don'
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