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Ozark Area Group for chat and discussion

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Area to discuss everything politics

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RE: Distruction of Monuments - Not to stir the pot ... but of the numerous threats of legal actions did any of them ever happen? If so, how were they res
RE: Distruction of Monuments - I hear his two closest Bud's feel the same way about Southern Heritage, Mark and Wes
RE: Distruction of Monuments - Is he still here? After Wes got the boot Hunter disappeared ... I figured he'd moved on.
Cards, Criminals, Cops and guns don't mix well - http://www.southeastsun.com/daleville/article_32a7be42-34ee-11e7-869b-c3c0b0aebc98.html Sad, very sad
Distruction of Monuments - I am surprised that Hunter 4, isn't on here beating his gums in favor of removing Monuments in New Orleans, your hate of the
RE: I want BBQ - I guess I need to be the one that answers my question, how is Willeys? We finally made it to Willeys; par
RE: July 31, put it on your calendar - I'm trying to once again put this in the spotlight and HOPE that with advance notice y'all can plan on attending. Show your
RE: I want BBQ - I've now heard two reports about Willeys, one said it was OK the other said the staff was very inattentive; neither sound pos
RE: Oldies Are Back - "Spiders & Snakes" 1974, Jim Stafford "I Will Follow Him" Little Peggy, 1963. "Jimmy Mack" 1967, Martha and the Vand
RE: I want BBQ - Once again I tried but just couldn't do it - Willie was closed. Thanks to the Rodeo Mex Place supper came up a winner.

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