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Welcome to – The website created for locals and visitors to the Wiregrass Area including Dothan, Ozark, Enterprise, Fort Rucker, Troy, Montgomery, and surrounding cities. This site is continually growing and is user driven, so register, log in, and have fun.


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RE: Interesting accusation ref. 2 girls murder - Many mistakes were made in the investigation of the Girls murder. Most people will never learn of those mistakes. There was a
RE: Terry Allums - It was foul play.
RE: Interesting accusation ref. 2 girls murder - I am new on here and have read many many posts about this murder dating back before 2007. I remember well when it happened. T
RE: Interesting accusation ref. 2 girls murder - I agree w sam, cold cases have been solved with much less info than that. Btw, if Federal Marshals are still looking for the
RE: Recruiting & Employment Needs - Posted By cwest on 24 Aug 2010 04:18 AM Let the hiring experts at Personnel Resources reduce your personnel costs and time s
RE: Interesting accusation ref. 2 girls murder - You seriously don't know what to do? If you truly believe that Ozark police are corrupt, go to the ABI/FBI office in Dothan o
RE: murder investigatin - Outside of the family and several news sources (plus one LEO) there was a poor community showing; maybe 6 citizens. What ha
RE: murder investigatin - I read online a few min. ago ... there will be a vigil for them this evening, 6:30 PM. 1999, RIP young girls.
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